Brand. Brand. Brand.

Sendinblue has a story, its own unique story...

They trusted us to make it exist visually by means of an extensive rebranding project.

For the past seven years, Sendinblue has been helping companies grow and achieve their goals by providing marketing tools that are adapted and accessible. The need for rebranding came about when Sendinblue decided to create new tools to expand its service offering and offer a more complete and powerful product range. We have therefore got involved in the creation of this new identity, the logo, the website (UX/UI, Frontend), illustrations and print design.


More than just a website

We first had to rewrite the story. To tell it visually. To this end, we first researched and created our first moodboard based on Sendinblue's 6 personality traits:
Ambitious, human, reliable, accessible, playful, humble.

Building on this foundation, we identified the graphic, iconographic and chromatic universe, and we were able to create a strong, modern identity, while remaining accessible to the general public. Conversion was also an essential line of work during the UX phases and in the creation of wireframes.

As such, we delivered the following: a brandbook, logo, illustrations, animations, website (UX,UI, Frontend), photographs, videos, print design.



Fonts that are bursting with character.

Perhaps you have already come across our Publico font on press titles, in particular from NBCNews. We were attracted by its serious style and its presence. It contrasts with that of its companion Open Sans, which we selected for its simplicity and accessibility.

Publico Headline
Open sans


Azure Radiance


R:0 G:146 B:255

Regal Blue


R:4 G:74 B:117

Peach Schnapps


R:255 G:217 B:212



R:255 G:210 B:1

Blue Ribbon


R:1 G:97 B:229



R:9 G:30 B:63

Shuttle Gray


R:96 G:100 B:105



R:238 G:236 B:235


UX with a view to promoting a strong identity.

Sendinblue's new identity creates emotion and a sense of belonging, however, it was essential that we design the site while bearing in mind that we are working within an online acquisition logic.

This is why we worked rigorously within a 1200px grid, ascribing importance to negative spaces, alignments... so that the many of features are readable, clear and readily understandable. Each section of the site links together and is punctuated with reassuring components, while at the same time being careful not to "box" the site, and being sure to make the reading experience dynamic, with a slightly destructured layout.




Modularity and Humanity, at the heart of the rebranding.

Being close to their customers, meeting their expectations and adapting to the evolution of their companies, are the main driving forces behind SendinBlue.

With the arrival of new product features, it was essential to demonstrate the strong argument in favour of modularity in a simple, playful and very visual manner. To this end, we drew inspiration from building games, the idea of "doing" and "undoing" according to one's own specific needs.

The various means of transport in particular represent the various stages in the life of a company, starting "small" like a bicycle, and ending up "big" and powerful like a rocket.

The best way for us to humanise this story was to portray a character who both represents the users of Sendinblue and also Sendinblue itself, as if this were one personality.

We help businesses meet their customers: this mission is in our DNA and it's the driving force behind everthing we do.

Armand Thibarge
Founder & CEO

3D Animations

Injecting life, with a view to bringing about "modularity".

Use 3D...

In order to bring this creative universe to life, and to make it as vibrant as possible, we simply had to choose 3D - it much was obvious to us.

...and animate

Thanks to our colleagues at Mattrunks, we were able to shift this Sendinblue character around, to juggle it, moving all the wooden blocks, so that the notion of modularity came to life.


Digital Set

Keynote Set

Stationery Set


Formalising and giving shape to our work...

All of the rebranding work, from brand values to the ideas and achievements, can be found inside this brandbook. It provides guidelines and a framework for the use of the various elements of the new brand identity.


T-shirts, post-its and more...

We also had the pleasure of bringing this entire new identity to life and integrating it into a corporate culture. That's why we created the brand's print universe, from t-shirts to tote bags, from notebooks to pens.


User-centric to the end.

The photos are part of the new identity and charter. It was for this reason that we also worked hard on the site's testimonials, calling in photographer Zachary Stone. Real people, real customers, on a plain background in the chosen colour palette, each with an object representing their line of business.

Sendinblue got a new look.